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Become our contracting partner and drive for a favoured price from 14 CZK/km – 18 CZK/km (a specific calculation will be provided by the sales department). Pay an invoice once a month. Take advantage of reliable B-Transport services for travel outside of Ostrava and abroad at discounted prices.

  • You don’t need to have cash, you don’t need to have any credit cards. You can pay in bulk only once a month (or according to a contractual agreement).
  • Non-cash payments include a  "package" of benefits. From discounted pricing, through a clear booking system to higher client support.                
  • You don’t need any vouchers or prepaid cards – everything is settled with early booking.
  • You can use the  standard and the business class that are on offer.
  • Call B-Transport.


Thanks to the  business class transport we take you everywhere with a representative car with unsmothered advertisements. In addition to our standard services there will be coat-hangers available, notebooks tables and all the comforts you can expect.

Business class is suitable not only for you, but also for transporting your business partners, organizing representative events, or for wedding guests.            

Business class for 1-8 persons served by Peugeot Boxer 

CAMPAIGN FOR COMPANIES: every 10th airport transport FREE OF CHARGE!

Take for granted comfortable and clean nanotechnology-treated car!

If you are a company looking for regular convenient transportation for your clients or employees, you are right here.          

We offer our clients the quality. The car we offer is comfortable from the position of absolute equipment the cheapest B-Transport in the territory and outside the city Ostrava, transport quickly, safely and in time to the destination desired.

  • mediating all popular transport services          
  • professional level of drivers
  • loyalty program, better conditions for invoice driving
  • the first B-Transport in Ostrava
  • with B-Transport Ostrava you only pay for kilometres covered

What does offer the business class B-Transport Ostrava?

  1. coat hanger   
  2. wetted handkerchiefs

Send us your request and we will make you an unbeatable offer.

Call B-Transport

Mobile:  +420 603 362 132                             

Skype:   vladkakoch